“takes care of your company’s cares”

Mission and vision: To be a reliable partner of your business partners in the area of risk consultancy and the management of his or her insurance portfolio. And as an adviser and extension of the entrepreneur, to be that single point of contact through the provision of additional services. The customer is central.

Partnership and continuity form the basis of a relationship with the customer, whereby “knowledge of the insurance market” is a must, but not limited to our service provision.
“Good and honest communication”, “keeping promises” and “a proactive approach” are
key in this.

Service provision: Our business partners – the entrepreneurs or the insurance brokers – can make use of one or more of our services in various ways: consultancy, risk management, insurance management, and (placing) insurance brokerage.
The knowledge and the practical solution are in-house or can be arranged for the customer. Always with the needs of the customer in mind and of the highest quality.

It is for good reason that we are a qualified chartered insurance broker registered with the Registermakelaar in Assurantiën (RMiA).

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