Insurance management

“takes care of your company’s cares”

Your company does not have (at present) anyone responsible for managing your insurance portfolio; however, you do not want these activities to come to a standstill. Additional can take care of this for you.

We can also take care of other additional matters: internal inspection of the correct compliance to prevention requirements of insurers, negotiations in this respect, second opinions concerning the correct cover of your risks in accordance with your wishes and of course premium savings, or rather, the process of reducing the risk-related costs.

A concise report will give you clear advice regarding this. If you wish to make use of our insurance broking activities, we will of course be pleased to assist you.

In addition, we can set up international insurance programmes for you or take care of local compliance as we have experience in these aspects and the appropriate contacts with independent intermediaries abroad. A extensive international brokers-network is available to us in this perspective.

In short, we are your partner and extension. We operate and negotiate on the basis of your needs and wishes.

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